Ancient Armenian Warrior dance “Yarkhushta” – by Sevak Amroyan
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Ancient Armenian Warrior dance “Yarkhushta” – by Sevak Amroyan 

Another amazing song from Sevak Amroyan. This time it’s Yarkhushta / Յարխուշտա

The Armenian folk dance Yarkhushta has very ancient origins. As such it has been mentioned in the works of early medieval scholars such as Movses Khorenatsi, Faustus of Byzantium, and Grigor Magistros.

Yarkhushta has traditionally been danced by Armenian soldiers before combat engagements, partly for ritualistic purposes, and partly in order to cast off fear and boost battle spirit for more effective hand-to-hand combat.

The tune of the dance is played intentionally very loudly by two zurna hornpipes and one or more double-headed bass drums, each struck with a mallet and a stick from opposite sides of the drum’s cylinder.

It has been demonstrated that the combination of zurna’s high-frequency tone and the bass drums’ deep, low-frequency beat create a combination of sounds with wide peak-to-peak amplitude that is capable of placing the dancers in the state of euphoric trance. This factor amplifies the effect of adrenaline/epinephrine rush that the dancing of yarkhushta usually produces.

It is also one of the ancient dances depicted on 12.000 year old rock carvings found throughout Armenia.

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